Day: 16 July 2019

  • Editorial


    Editorial policy For the purpose of this website, the editors or contributors do not intend to follow any ‘left’ or ‘right’ positions. They rather believe that the fundamental tenets and basic principles of scientific research is the same across the social sciences, natural sciences, and physical sciences. In spite of the best intentions, if any […]

  • Research policy

    Research policy

    This database involves multi-disciplinary tools, investigations, and approaches. The aim is to follow the best scientific principles of the ‘frontier’ research and documentation in the social sciences and humanities. Definition of ‘frontier research’ Frontier research is situated between basic (fundamental/ pure) and applied research, and goes much beyond. The term was coined in a European […]

  • Links and resources

    Links and resources

    Dictionaries, thesaurus, and encyclopaedias Digital Dictionary of Buddhism Digital Dictionaries of South Asia Thesaurus Literaturae Buddhicae Epigraphy The Ashoka Library The Vakataka inscriptions Textual databases and collections Pāli Tipiṭaka The Kanjur Buddhist Sūtras in Tibetan The SAT Daizōkyō Text Database CBETA Korean Tripitaka GRETIL – Göttingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages and related […]

  • Development plan

    Development plan

    The following is a tentative road-map to develop the database in the course of fifteen years. Some of the stages may develop simultaneously: 1. Commissioning of curators, and module curationsOrganising the photographic collection of R. K. SinghOptimising the photos for uploadingInsertion of metadata and keywordsProviding titles to the photosEmbedding of Google Street-viewsField tours 2. Re-organising […]

  • Rationale


    This website is being created as a repository of information on rock-cut monuments, art, and architecture of ancient India. It offers reference material for researchers, scholars, students, and enthusiasts. The main aim is to bring into the public domain the essential information to enable general awareness, in-depth studies, further discourses, and scientific researches toward untapped […]

  • Buddhism videos

    Buddhism videos

    This module is for contents including discourses and lectures relevant to the study of Buddhism.