Year: 2019

  • Prabhas Patan caves

    Prabhas Patan caves

    The rock-cut monuments at Prabhas Patan have been escaped the attention of the mainstream scholarship. They also suffer from the general neglect. There are approximately six or seven rock-cut edifices. Until proper research is carried out it is difficult to ascertain the religious affiliation of the caves. According to the information signage placed at the […]

  • Caves of India Project

    Caves of India Project

    There are dozens of rock-cut cave sites in India, having nearly 1500 edifices belonging to the history of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. The documentation and research of these rock-cut monuments is available through various sources, however it is not available as a collective whole. This is an ongoing database creation and information sharing project, that […]

  • Welcome


    July 16, 2019. Welcome to the beta release of on the auspicious day of Asadha Purnima / Guru Purnima. On this day, teachers, mentors, and educators are venerated: The Buddhists pay homage to Sakyamuni The Jains pay homage to Tirthankara Mahavira The Hindus pay homage to Maharshi Veda Vyasa Purpose This website is being […]