Call to Action for Ajantapaedia

Cave 1, hall, right of axis: the Bodhisatva King in a Mountanous Landscape.

Commitment to Volunteerism and knowledge

  • The project, focusing on Ajanta Cave No. 1, is being developed through the dedicated efforts of volunteers and self-funding.

Seeking Support for Expanding Scope

  • To document all 38 Ajanta cave temples, we are seeking financial support, partnerships, and sponsorships.

Investment Memo Overview

Title: Ajantapaedia

Summary: A digital humanities initiative focusing on the Ajanta Caves, starting with a pilot on Cave No. 1.

Project Scope and Funding Strategy

  • Pilot Project: Ajanta Cave No. 1 – Current status: in progress, bootstrapped.
  • Full Project Expansion: The goal is to document and digitize all 38 caves, for which funding is required.
  • The strategy includes showcasing the pilot project as a model, attracting funding for the full scope, building partnerships, maintaining financial transparency, and implementing evaluation methods for scalability.

Join Our Mission

  • We invite collaboration from those passionate about cultural heritage. Detailed proposals and financial plans are available upon request.

Contact Information

  • Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh, Independent Art Historian
  • Email: rksingh1970 [at]
  • Mobile: +91-6351447535

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