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  • Devāvatāra


    Cave No. 17 Identification: Schlingloff 2013. For the story, vide Cave 16, No. 84. —Source: Singh 2019, 31-33; Schlingloff 2013, I, 476 Related Images:

  • #04. Kuṇāla

    Cave No. 9 Identification: Schlingloff 2013.— Once, there was a king of the glossy cuckoos, named Kuṇāla, who despised the female sex. His friend, a king of the speckled cuckoos, fell ill and was abandoned by his female entourage. After his recovery, Kuṇāla delivered to him a sermon while seated on a stone form under […]

  • #71. Rāhula

    (No photo.) Identification: Yazdani (1955, IV, p. 70 f.). It is an episode from the life of the Buddha. Another depiction of the narrative is in the interior of the temple, which is much bigger and more elaborate, vide No. 70. —Source: Singh 2019, 31-33; Schlingloff 2013, I, 402 Related Images:

  • #78. Indrabrāhmaṇa

    #78. Indrabrāhmaṇa

    Cave No. 17 Identification: Schlingloff 2013.— Indra was very proud of his stature and beauty and was curious to know if the Buddha could surpass him. He attempted to measure the Buddha’s stature but was not successful; despite climbing high on a pedestal he could not see the Buddha’s head. The Buddha then explained that […]

  • #19. Mṛga

    #19. Mṛga

    Cave No. 17 Identification: Foucher (1921, narrative no. 9).— There lived a king of the mṛgas (antelopes) with his herd in a Himalayan forest. One day, in a battle with the king of that country, his herd and a few neighbouring herds were encircled and could not escape. In order to prevent a mass slaughter, […]

  • #28. Ṣaḍdanta

    #28. Ṣaḍdanta

    Cave No. 17 Identification: Foucher (1911, p. 234).— There lived an elephant called Ṣaḍdanta (Six-tusked), the king of a herd, in the Vindhya ranges. One day, a beautiful lotus fell from a flying nymph at the elephant’s feet, which he offered to his second wife, who appeared before him first. The first wife flew into […]

  • #26. Hastin

    #26. Hastin

    Cave No. 16 Identification: Foucher (1921, narrative no. 22).— Once a group of travellers were lost in a forest, tired and exhausted to death. They met an elephant (hastin) and pleaded with him for help. The elephant, knowing that they would not find food in the oasis, directed them to a rock-bed, where they could […]

  • #14. Haṃsa

    #14. Haṃsa

    Cave No. 17 Identification: Oldenburg (1895, narrative no. 5). For the story, vide Cave 2, narrative no. 13. —Source: Singh 2019, 31-33; Schlingloff 2013, I, 81 Related Images: