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For the purpose of this website, the editors or contributors do not intend to follow any ‘left’ or ‘right’ positions. They rather believe that the fundamental tenets and basic principles of scientific research is the same across the social sciences, natural sciences, and physical sciences.

In spite of the best intentions, if any inaccuracy is noticed, you are requested to kindly bring this to the notice of the editors. The same will be examined and remedial steps will be taken when necessary.

The editors respect the copyright laws. They are against plagiarism. They encourage academic level citations and references, wherever necessary. They discourage the use of photographs or contents without relevant quotations, citations, permissions, acknowledgements, or credits to the copyright owner. Curators, collectors, scholars are invited to contribute content. In every case, the contributors are expected to have obtained the permissions, wherever necessary, from the Archaeological Survey of India or other state authorities, wherever applicable. The contents are peer-reviewed by the editorial board to ensure accuracy and reliability. There is no policy or practice of the user-generated content on this website yet.

We have two house styles: Oxford Style Manual or The Chicago Manual of Style.

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