Grateful acknowledgements are made to the following:

Archaeological Survey of India

During my research work spanning two decades, various permissions were availed from time to time from the Office of the Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi and from the Office of the Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, Aurangabad Circle. Permissions were availed for documentation, study, and photography of the archaeological sites.

Himanshu Desai

In 2019, my dear friend Himanshu Desai spared his valuable time to help and design the website version 1.0. I am extremely helpful for his help and promise to continue helping whenver required. He is a great sympathiser of my work, and has an avid interest in the rock-cut monuments of India. His long term support is promised to me whenever required.

He holds two masters degrees – one in Art History from MS University of Baroda, Vadodara, India; and the other in Creative Practices for Narrative Environments from the Central St. Martins College of Art and Design , London, UK. He is an artist, curator, musician, and a former senior business analyst (Government of Ontario, Canada). Currently he offers educational, learning and development programs to various universities and institutes in India. He is also involved in social work and philanthropic initiatives.

Deven Oza

My dear friend Deven Oza stands with me like a rock in all thick and thin. His charitable responsibility lies in providing for the domain name, hosting, server, and back end support whenver required. He has also promised me all the help whenever required. He has been to Ajanta and was nurtures a dream to do a modern version of story telling in the same way as depicted by the Ajanta painters. However, animation based work requires huge funding. So, we are looking forward to the future whether the dream is going to be materialised ever.

Deven is an educator, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. Having about 19 years of experience in the area of  visual communication and storytelling, he has performed various roles from Animator to Project lead. He is the founder and proprietor of Studio Karmic Age, Baroda — a boutique studio dealing with animation and film-making. His core interest lies in exploring various visual mediums that enable storytelling in unique and entertaining ways.

Sandeep Joshi

Sandeep Joshi is always with me whenver I need him. He is a great lover of the rock-cut monuments. He has visited the sites many times with him. He has great attention to detail. His volunteered to develop the Kanheri module during version 1.0 of this website. He has also promised all the help and support in the future.

Sandeep Joshi is an artist and art historian. He holds a master degree in Art History and Aesthetics from M. S. University of Baroda. His area of specialisation is art patronage by the Gaekwads before the Independence. His interests includes modern, folk, and tribal arts of Gujarat. He has curated art exhibitions, and participated in group shows, workshops, and seminars.

Hari Sena Press Private Limited, Baroda

Hari Sena Press Private Limited, Baroda provides whatever infrastructure and resources are needed for this project at the most rudimentary level.

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