Hari Sena Press

Hari Sena Press Private Limited (HSP) is based in Baroda. It is a small publishing company that was incorporated in 2011. It should actually have been registered as a Section 8 Company, that is, a not-for-profit company. But a mistake was done during the incorporation whose rectfication process is apparantly complicated now.

HSP publishes new and relevant research on the the rock-cut monuments of India. It began the publication of the Ajanta Mahapitaka series of monographs. It was launched because no publisher was willing to publish the first book of the author Rajesh Kumar Singh. It follows double blind peer reviewing process. It has published six titles so far. The company is not aiming for expansion at the moment.

The company is a not-for-profit collaborator in this website to help the noble cause.


  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh
  • Mrs. Padma Singh


HSP has published six titles so far (click on the images to buy):

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