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  • #41. Kalyāṇakārin

    #41. Kalyāṇakārin

    Ajanta Cave 1 The narrative was identified by Schlingloff (1976, 5–16). Two princes, Kalyāṇakārin (‘Doing Good’) and Pāpakārin (‘Doing Evil’), bore the characteristics of their names. Once, Kalyāṇakārin, accompanied by Pāpakārin, embarked on a sea voyage in search of wealth as endless charity had emptied out the royal coffers. During their voyage, Kalyāṇakārin found a…

  • #45. Janaka

    #45. Janaka

    The narrative was identifiied by Goloubew (1927, 16). King Janaka of Videha believed that a person’s willpower was responsible for his successes. Once he was rescued from a shipwreck by a deity after he managed to keep afloat for a while on the sheer strength of his will. His will power also helped him secure…

  • #59. Śaṅkhapāla

    #59. Śaṅkhapāla

    Ajanta Cave 1 The narrative was identified by Foucher (1921, narrative no. 13). A nāga (serpent) king named Śaṅkhapāla visited a hermit to find out the reason behind his rejection of the worldly life. The hermit instructs the nāga king that he must practice asceticism to be reborn as a human. Thereafter when Śaṅkhapāla was…