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Welcome to Ajanta Cave 1

Enter the world of Ajanta Cave 1 through this evolving encyclopaedia, a part of a larger project aimed at documenting all Ajanta Caves. Here, you’ll find a wealth of textual information, high-resolution photographs, and academic resources, all dedicated to Cave 1 as a prototype module for the entire series.

Ajanta Cave 1, inner shrine. Śākyamuni delivering the First Sermon.

At the Intersection of Archaeology and Digital Innovation

Ajantapaedia is committed to merging archaeological research with advanced digital technologies. Our goal is to comprehensively document the Ajanta Caves, offering a resource that caters to a wide audience, from casual browsers to academic researchers. We invite you to join our journey in bringing these historical treasures to the digital forefront.

Explore the Pilot

Embark on a detailed exploration of Ajanta Cave 1, featuring sections on its architecture, sculptures, and paintings. Each category is supplemented with resources and visual aids, presenting an in-depth look at the cave’s historical and artistic aspects.

Join Our Vision

As we expand to include all Ajanta Caves, we welcome your support through insights, contributions, and participation in our crowdfunding initiatives. Your involvement is crucial in advancing the scope and depth of Ajantapaedia.

Navigate with Ease

Our user-friendly interface allows for efficient navigation, ensuring that researchers, students, and enthusiasts can easily access the information they need. Explore the ancient art and architecture of the Ajanta Caves through our structured and well-organised menus.

Exploring Cave 1

Gain comprehensive insights into Ajanta Cave 1, where detailed documentation, supported by texts and photographs, highlights its architectural significance and the intricacies of its artistic expression.

Community Involvement

Ajantapaedia encourages academic contributions from scholars and enthusiasts alike. Your input is invaluable in augmenting our understanding and ongoing research of the Ajanta Caves.

Vision for the Future

This pilot project lays the groundwork for an encyclopaedia that will eventually encompass all the Ajanta Caves, striving to become a key resource in the study of Buddhist art and architecture.

A Diverse Range of Resources

Our extensive database is designed to meet the needs of a diverse audience, from undergraduate students to postdoctoral researchers.

Up-to-Date Academic Repository

  • In-Depth Scholarly Articles
  • Regular Research Updates
  • Verified, Reliable Information
Ajanta Cave 1, hall, Bodhisatva King in a Mountainous Landscape (right side)
Ajanta Cave 1, hall.

Articles & Archives

  • Extensive Scholarly Collection
  • Methodically Organised Archives
  • Virtual Tour / Google Street View / 360°

“Your website is a valuable resource for my lectures. It offers comprehensive access to the materials I need. The organisation is thorough, covering each cave and hall, detailing every painting.”

Late Prof. Walter M Spink, Late Prof. Yaguchi Naomichi, and Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh (MTDC Canteen at Fardapur near Ajanta Caves, 1 January 2006)

Late Walter M. Spink

Former Professor Emeritus of Art History, U. of Michigan

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