The Ajantapaedia Project Milestones


Dear Ajanta enthusiasts and patrons, we’re excited to unveil the roadmap for our Ajantapaedia Project, dedicated to the Ajanta Caves. As we embark on this ambitious journey, our first and foremost task is to secure the necessary funding, sponsorship, and institutional support. This foundational step is crucial to realise our vision for an online encyclopaedia dedicated to the Ajanta Caves. Here’s how we envisage the journey unfolding, from initial planning to future expansions:

Phase 1: Securing Sponsorship and Institutional Backing

  • Our initial focus is on laying a strong foundation by:
    • Seeking sponsorships, grants, and funding from organisations and individuals passionate about cultural heritage and preservation.
    • Exploring partnerships with academic and research institutions willing to host and support the Ajantapaedia project.

Phase 3: Website Structure and User Experience

  • The initial version of Ajantapaedia will focus on:
    • Developing a user-friendly website structure, enabling easy navigation and an engaging experience.
    • Providing comprehensive content, including detailed descriptions and high-resolution images of Ajanta’s artworks.

Phase 4: Academic Collaboration and Resource Compilation

  • A key aspect of our project is to establish Ajantapaedia as an authoritative academic resource:
    • Collaborating with scholars for original content and insights.
    • Creating a rich database of academic materials for researchers and Ajanta enthusiasts.

Phase 5: Community Engagement and Interactive Features

  • In the spirit of collaboration, we aim to:
    • Build a vibrant community around Ajantapaedia, inviting contributions and discussions from various stakeholders.
    • Introduce interactive elements like forums and discussion boards for enhanced user engagement.

Future Plans: Advancing the Digital Experience

  • As Ajantapaedia grows, our vision includes:
    • Incorporating advanced features such as augmented reality and video documentaries in future versions.
    • Expanding our scope to create a comprehensive digital platform for Buddhist Cave Temples across India.

Conclusion: A Call to Join Us

  • This project is not just about preserving history; it’s about bringing a community together to celebrate a shared heritage. We invite you to be part of this exciting venture, contributing your ideas, expertise, and support as we journey together into the heart of Ajanta’s legacy.

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