Welcome to the Downloads section of Ajantapaedia. This area serves as a comprehensive resource hub for individuals and institutions interested in the extensive research and documentation efforts of Ajantapaedia and the broader initiative, BICEP (Buddhist Indian Cave Encyclopaedia Project). Here, you will find a selection of documents pivotal to understanding the scope, objectives, and foundational structures of these ambitious projects.

Our mission is to provide open access to knowledge and facilitate academic engagement. While all documents are available for online viewing and download, please note that specific permissions such as copying, editing, and printing may be restricted to preserve the integrity of the documents and respect copyright considerations.

Available Documents

  • Ajantapaedia: Investment Memo
    This document outlines the investment opportunities within Ajantapaedia, presenting a compelling case for potential investors and donors. It details the project’s vision, expected impacts, and the strategic approach towards achieving its objectives.
  • Ajantapaedia: Detailed Project Proposal with Budget
    Dive into the comprehensive project proposal for Ajantapaedia, including a meticulously prepared budget. This document offers insight into the project’s framework, anticipated resource allocation, and a roadmap for implementation, essential for stakeholders and funding bodies.
  • BICEP: Buddhist Indian Cave Encyclopaedia Project
    BICEP represents a monumental endeavour to document and compile the rich heritage of Buddhist Indian cave temples. This document provides an overview of the project’s goals, methodology, and the collaborative effort required to bring this vision to life.
  • Ajanta Research Centre

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