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  • #41. Kalyāṇakārin

    #41. Kalyāṇakārin

    Ajanta Cave 1 The narrative was identified by Schlingloff (1976, 5–16). Two princes, Kalyāṇakārin (‘Doing Good’) and Pāpakārin (‘Doing Evil’), bore the characteristics of their names. Once, Kalyāṇakārin, accompanied by Pāpakārin, embarked on a sea voyage in search of wealth as endless charity had emptied out the royal coffers. During their voyage, Kalyāṇakārin found a…

  • #45. Janaka

    #45. Janaka

    The narrative was identifiied by Goloubew (1927, 16). King Janaka of Videha believed that a person’s willpower was responsible for his successes. Once he was rescued from a shipwreck by a deity after he managed to keep afloat for a while on the sheer strength of his will. His will power also helped him secure…

  • #46. Śibi-Kapota

    #46. Śibi-Kapota

    Ajanta Cave 1 The narrative was identified by Alfred Foucher (1921, narrative no. 15). When Lord Indra complained about the imperfections of human beings, his architect Viśvakarmān drew his attention to King Śibi who was an archetype of justice and compassion. To test Śibi, Indra asked Viśvakarmān to assume a pigeon’s (kapota) appearance, while he…