Ajantapaedia: An Academic Endeavour

Ajantapaedia, the Online Encyclopaedia of the Ajanta Caves, represents an academic project akin to a multi-volume book, under the principal editorship, authorship, and curation of Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh. This platform symbolizes the unity of collaborative efforts, generous support, and shared expertise from a myriad of individuals and organizations.

Photographic Collection by Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh

Special gratitude is extended for the photographic collection on Ajantapaedia. As an advanced researcher, I, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh, obtained permission from the Archaeological Survey of India to photograph these heritage sites under a non-commercial license. This collection is the cornerstone of our encyclopaedia, providing users with an immersive visual experience of these historic sites. I am thankful to the Office of the Director General in New Delhi and the Office of the Superintending Archaeologist in the Aurangabad Circle of the ASI. Users are reminded to adhere to the non-commercial clause in our terms and conditions when using these images.

Snehal Tambulwadikar-Khedkar

Heartfelt appreciation is extended to Snehal Tambulwadikar-Khedkar for authoring the initial drafts of introductions for the cave sites of Karla, Bhaja, Elephanta, and Pitalkhora. Her foundational work has been a significant starting point for these sections, which will continue to evolve with the website’s growth. (Read More)

Sandeep Joshi

Acknowledgement is given to Sandeep Joshi for his invaluable contributions in authoring the initial drafts of the introductions for Kondavite or Mahakali Caves, Kanheri caves, and Ellora Caves 1-12. These preliminary drafts, subject to future refinement, have been essential in the early development stages of the website. (Read More)

Deven Oza

Our sincere thanks are extended to Deven Oza for his crucial support in back-end operations, including covering expenses for the domain name, hosting, and maintenance. His unwavering commitment has been a cornerstone of Ajantapaedia’s operational success. (Read More)

Himanshu Desai

Acknowledgment is due to Himanshu Desai, an esteemed art historian, critic, visual artist, curator, musician, and educator, for allocating two weeks of his valuable time in 2019 to design the second iteration of our project’s prototype. (Read More)

Sarla Rashmi Deepak Bhirud

We are indebted to Sarla Rashmi Deepak Bhirud for her ongoing dedication to Ajantapaedia. An expert in Indology and archaeology, her research on Maharashtra’s heritage sites and her advocacy for a dedicated research centre have been instrumental to our vision. (Read More)

Tanveer Ajsi

Special recognition is given to Tanveer Ajsi, a versatile visual artist, art historian, curator, administrator, and multi-disciplinary critic. His vast experience and willingness to assist Ajantapaedia have been remarkable. (Read More)

Fundraising Efforts

Gratitude is expressed to Tanveer Ajsi, Sandeep Joshi, Sarla R. D. Bhirud, and Devendra Ingle for their support during last year’s fundraising efforts. Despite the outcome, their voluntary dedication and contributions have been invaluable.

Ongoing Support

Our thanks are extended to Hari Sena Press Private Limited, Baroda, for providing foundational infrastructure and resources. (Know More)

As we forge ahead, the strength found in a community united by a shared passion for preserving and promoting our heritage is ever-present. Each contribution, regardless of size, is a vital part of Ajantapaedia’s journey. I extend my deepest thanks to all who have been a part of this endeavour.

Discover Our Volunteer Heroes: The Ajantapaedia Project Logbook

The Ajantapaedia Project flourishes thanks to the dedication and diverse talents of our volunteers and supporting organisations. Each individual and group brings unique skills and passion, playing a crucial role in the growth and success of our endeavour.

Explore Their Stories and Contributions: We’ve chronicled the journeys, achievements, and ongoing commitments of our volunteers in the Ajantapaedia Project Logbook. This logbook is a testament to the collective effort that breathes life into our project. It’s more than just a record; it’s a narrative of collaboration, dedication, and shared vision.

View the Ajantapaedia Project Volunteer Logbook

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