#82. Mahāsamāja

Cave No. 16

Identification: Foucher (1921, narrative no. 61).—

Near Kapilavastu, the Buddha delivered a sermon to the monks before the Mahāsamāja (Great Assembly) of gods. The four Brahmā gods too moved from heaven, each pronounced a verse and left. The Buddha recognised and disclosed the presence of the deities to the monks: the Four Great Kings of the world regions, the leaders of the hosts of yakṣas, the nāgas, the garuḍas, the asuras, the gods and goddesses of the pantheon, and the rākṣasī Hārītī with her sons. Māra with his army attempted to disturb the sermon but in vain.

—Source: Singh 2019, 31-33; Schlingloff 2013, I, 472

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