Editorial Policy & House Style of Ajantapaedia


Ajantapaedia stands at the forefront of integrating digital humanities with archaeology. As a vanguard initiative, it is dedicated to advancing ‘frontier research’, as defined by the European Research Commission. This endeavour bridges the gap between basic and applied research, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to scientific rigour, which is reflected in our editorial policy and house style.

Editorial Philosophy and Approach

Our project’s focus is two-pronged: ensuring the highest standard of academic excellence while maintaining accessibility and clarity in presentation. This balance is achieved through a minimalist digital philosophy, reminiscent of the user-friendly interfaces of esteemed platforms such as Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica. This guiding principle is central to our entire editorial process.

Textual and Visual Content

  • Oxford Style Manual: We adhere to the Oxford Style Manual for all textual content, including illustrations and captions, ensuring clarity and consistency in our presentation.
  • The Chicago Manual of Style: For citations, references, and bibliographies, Ajantapaedia follows The Chicago Manual of Style, offering a robust framework for scholarly documentation. (Know More)

Submission Guidelines and Peer Review Process

  • Global Contributions: We warmly invite submissions from experts and scholars worldwide on topics related to Ajanta.
  • Flexible Submission Styles: For review purposes, submissions may be in Chicago, Oxford, MLA, APA, Turabian, etc. styles. However, for publication, articles may be converted to either Oxford or Chicago style.
  • Double-Blind Peer Review: Each article undergoes a double-blind peer review process, ensuring both objectivity and academic integrity.
  • Editorial Rights: House style will be applied with necessary editorial modifications subject to author’s ratification.
  • Illustration Submissions: Authors must provide required illustrations, having secured the necessary permissions from copyright holders.
  • Originality and Evidence: We insist on original, non-plagiarised, and non-AI-generated submissions. Authors must provide primary evidence or reliable secondary literature citations for significant claims or statements.
  • Article Length: Submissions should be under 8,000 words, including tables, charts, footnotes, and bibliographies.
  • Language Preference: Submissions are accepted in both UK and US English.


As we continue to develop Ajantapaedia, we invite scholars and experts to contribute to this expanding body of knowledge. For inquiries, contributions, or interest in joining our team, please Contact Us.

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