2025-25. Ajantapaedia: Digital Encyclopaedia of the Ajanta Caves

Ajantapaedia represents a groundbreaking initiative aimed at creating an exhaustive digital archive for the Ajanta Caves. This project seeks to meticulously catalog thousands of scientifically documented photographs. Our mission is to capture and illuminate every facet of the Ajanta Caves, thereby bringing their profound cultural and historical significance to a global audience. Through this digital platform, we aim to make the intricate details and the rich legacy of the Ajanta Caves both accessible and engaging for people around the world.

Development Timeline

Proof of Concept: Encyclopaedic Module on the Ajanta Cave No. 1.

Encyclopaedic Modules on all the 34 Rock-Cut Structures / Edifices / Caves.

  • April 2024: Launch of the Proof of Concept with an encyclopaedic module focused on Ajanta Cave No. 1. This initial phase will demonstrate the depth and approach of our digital archive.
  • May 2024-April 2025: Development and release of encyclopaedic modules covering all the 34 rock-cut edifices at Ajanta. This comprehensive compilation will offer unprecedented insights into each cave’s unique features.

2026-2034: सङ्गणिकीकृतं भारतीय बौद्ध शैलगृह महापिटकम् / Buddhist Indian Cave Encyclopaedia Project (BICEP)

Following the completion of Ajantapaedia, we embark on our master plan – a monumental undertaking to document all Buddhist cave temples across India. With over 110 sites of Buddhist rock-cut monuments housing these historic caves, our project aims to fill the gap in existing documentation, many of which have only been minimally recorded.

This ambitious project will not only involve fresh archaeological surveys and potential re-surveys but will also serve as a multi-site encyclopaedic portal. Our goal is to ensure the digital preservation and cultural exploration of these invaluable heritage sites.

Project Scale & Requirements:

  • Duration: An estimated 8-9 years of dedicated work.
  • Team: A committed team of approximately 20 professionals.
  • Budget: An estimated funding requirement of 40 crore INR.

Access the Draft Master Plan for BICEP

View the Draft Master Plan (Note: This document is for online perusal only and is password protected. We kindly request you to respect our policy by not printing or downloading the PDF.)

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